Ithaca City Court seeking attorneys to assist pro se defendants

TCBA Members,

The Ithaca City Court is seeking attorneys willing to assist pro se defendants attempting to seal their convictions under CPL 160.59. They have had a few inquiries and I’d like to be able to refer them for legal assistance, if available.

If interested please contact Ronna Collins (contact info below) or Deputy Chief Clerk Sheryl Kumpf.

An information packet with forms and instructions is linked here: Form 2018-03-22 (1).  The packet can also be accessed on the state’s website at: by clicking on “Forms”.  It appears they need assistance with the terminology, filling out the forms properly and getting their signatures notarized.


Ronna J. Collins, Chief Clerk

Ithaca City Court

118 E. Clinton Street

Ithaca, NY  14850

Ph: 607-216-6660

Fax: 607-240-5821


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