TO:                  Tompkins County Bar Association Members

FROM:            Board of Directors

RE:                  Notice of Annual Meeting and Agenda

DATE:             October 19, 2019

Dear Members:

Please join us for our Annual Meeting and Dinner on Wednesday evening, October 30, 2019,  5:00PM at Zaza’s Cucina at 622 Cascadilla Street in Ithaca. A “Whoozin” email has been sent out to RSVP and pay for this event with more details.

This year’s Agenda will include:

  • Election of Directors and Officers:

President: Michael Perehinec, Esq.
Past President: Carla McKain, Esq.
Vice President: Kevin Kelly, Esq.
Treasurer: Hayden Brainard, Esq.
Secretary: Lilly Hines, Esq.
Director: Joseph Kirby, Esq.
Director: Teresa McNamara, Esq.

  • Admission of New Members; and
  • Amendment of Bylaws. Pursuant to Article X of the Association’s bylaws, your board of directors offers and unanimously recommends for approval at the annual meeting of the Association scheduled for 5 pm October 30, a revised set of bylaws.  The proposed, revised bylaws are available as a clean copy, and as a redline version, on the Association’s website here:  The Association’s existing bylaws were last revised in 1998.  The redline version available on the Association website compares the existing (1998) bylaws to the proposed bylaws recommended by the board of directors. The recommended changes are intended primarily to reflect the evolution of the Association’s functioning over the past 21 years, and, at a secondary level, to accommodate to realities such as the ubiquitous reliance on electronic communications.  No fundamental structural changes are intended. Please review this and ask questions in advance of the meeting.

You will find the Treasurer’s Report here.

Please join us for this event. Those who attended last year know the food and atmosphere at Zaza’s are spectacular—and Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet (Bob Sarachan, Esq. with friends) will be back by popular demand to lay down the lessons—don’t miss it!


Kevin Kelly, Secretary