Tompkins Family Court: Mediation Diversion Program meeting April 23, 2018

Tompkins Family Court is considering implementation of a Mediation Diversion Program for custody/visitation cases. A similar project has been operating in the 7th Judicial District for some time with considerable success.  You and your colleagues are invited to a preliminary meeting to discuss this approach on Monday April 23, 2018 at noon in the main courtroom.

No decision have yet been made about this proposal but we are aware of the problems mediation can present when domestic violence has been present in a relationship. These cases would not be considered for the program, at least at the outset. You can probably think of other types of cases where mediation would be problematic. Those will be part of our discussion.

We hope you are able to be part of this conversation.

John Rowley                   Joseph Cassidy

Tompkins County Family Court Judges

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