Pursuant to Article X of the Association’s bylaws, your board of directors offers and unanimously recommends for approval at the annual meeting of the Association scheduled for 5 pm October 30, a revised set of bylaws.  The proposed, revised bylaws are available as a clean copy, and as a redline version, on this page below.  The Association’s existing bylaws were last revised in 1998.  The redline version compares the existing (1998) bylaws to the proposed bylaws recommended by the board of directors. The recommended changes are intended primarily to reflect the evolution of the Association’s functioning over the past 21 years, and, at a secondary level, to accommodate to realities such as the ubiquitous reliance on electronic communications.  No fundamental structural changes are intended.

The Association is a New York not-for-profit corporation formed April 22, 1912 by George B. Davis, Willard Kent, James L. Baker, Edward N.. Jackson, Mynderse Van Cleef, Peter F. McAllister, Fordyce A. Cobb, Edward J.Bostwick, and Sherman Peer, under the Membership Corporation Law.

TCBA Amended Bylaws (2019)

TCBA Bylaws (1998)

TCBA Amended Bylaws (2019) REDLINE