Whew – what a week!

We have received an administrative order [here: AO-78-2020] in regards to civil cases – please see attached.  Unless it is an essential proceeding, we will not be processing any civil filings. NYSCEF will not allow any non-essential e-filings also.

As for real estate, please send your closing packets in the mail or e-record –  ONLY. We have had two court officers test positive and more are being tested. We will not be accepting any more closing packets at the front door.

The Governor also closed all DMVs until April 20th.

I am working a few hours a day in the office and can be reached there or by email.

If you want to start e-recording, we have heard that the companies are waiving the initial start up fee. Contact me and I can tell you what other firms have done.

Stay healthy!!!



Maureen Reynolds

Tompkins County Clerk

320 North Tioga Street

Ithaca, NY 14850