Due to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak and the most recent Administrative Order by Hon. Lawrence Marks, Surrogate’s Court can no longer accept filings, either paper or electronic, UNLESS it is considered an essential matter.  Based on this newest development, if you have a matter which you deem “essential,” meaning it simply cannot wait until this crisis is over, then you MUST email me at ldecker@nycourts.gov outlining the reasons why your proceeding must be reviewed as soon as possible.  I will then review your email with the Surrogate for a final determination as to whether it meets the criteria for handling.  After today, I will be monitoring voicemail and emails from home.  If you need to leave a message with our office, please call 607-216-6654.

Your continued patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

Be well.

Lori S. Decker

Chief Clerk Tompkins Surrogate’s Court

Tompkins County Court House

320 North Tioga St.

Ithaca, NY  14850